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Ever wonder about the value of old pennies?  Do you recall that first collection of wheat pennies you had and the lofty coin values pennies held in our imaginations?  I used to have pounds and pounds of wheat pennies in all minted vintages and from every mint.  Those pennies were worth at the time I started collecting maybe twice and in some rare instances the value of old pennies I had individually was maybe 5 or 10 times face value or more.

If you use the custom search box it will help you to find useful links and available free resources that will help you determine the value of old pennies.  Links within the page will also help you determine the value of your old pennies.  Type-in something specific to what you are looking for such as “1932 penny”, or “steel pennies of world war 2″ and see what comes up!

Old pennies are without a doubt the easiest to collect.  Even if you get slightly taken on a deal rarely are you out your life’s savings.  The value of old pennies will change over time as well.  Rare and good condition pennies will appreciate in value in a similar fashion to other coins in other denominations.  Take a few minutes to check whether or not you still have those kid-like lofty thoughts in coin values pennies.

“The amount of money you make is irrelevant to whether it is worth your time to pick up a penny. However, other factors may lead you to choose to let the penny remain there. By picking up a penny on a busy sidewalk, you risk being trampled and having to pay much higher medical bills. By picking up a penny whose previous owner you can identify, you may be stealing (at least ethically, if not legally). By picking up a penny on a first date, your date might think you’re cheap, and you’ll miss out on a second date. (Though, if he’s a keeper, he will be thrifty himself and may beat you to the penny.) You may be too tired to pick up the penny; your back may hurt; a child may appreciate finding it more than you would. Any of these circumstances could provide a legitimate reason to let a penny on the ground. “I make too much” is not a good excuse. If you had picked up the penny, you would have made more.”

There are some very good resources and links to help you determine the value of old pennies in that giant jar you have under the bed, in the garage, or in that old piggy bank on the dresser.  Check that old penny value before passing it up next time you see one on the street.


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