Silver coin values


Silver coins minted before 1964 contain about 90% silver.  Silver coins that have little or no collector value are often referred to as "junk silver" meaning they are good for metal content only.  You can determine silver coin values easily in the junk status; simply put them all in a bag and weigh them.  However if you are going to deal in silver coin this way then you may as well stick to equity stock shares in silver companies or trade the actual precious metal as a commodity or via solid silver bars.

We mention this because we do not consider silver coin values as bulk metal here.  As collectors what is important to us is the artwork, the history, and the trade-ability of the coins themselves.  There is nothing fun about trading coins for bulk.

If you intend to buy a rare silver coin the chances are you will almost certainly improve the value of your coin simply by holding on to it and reselling it at a later date.  Rarity is probably the most important positive pressure on silver coin values.  Silver coins in collections rarely change in condition; get my point?  Silver content is not a factor in most of these collectable silver coins.

Silver coin values (especially junk status silver coins) fluctuate with the market.


April 26, 2009   Posted in: Value of old coins

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