Morgan silver dollar


The Morgan silver dollar (aka the 'Buzzard Dollar" or " Liberty Head" dollar) is a very popular coin among collectors. The Morgan Silver dollar has a wonderful history and is a personal favorite.  They were minted from 1878 to 1904 and then again (and for only one year) in 1921.  The Morgan Silver dollars have a silver content which roughly comes to 0.84 ounces of silver per coin.

George T. Morgan used Anna Williams as the model who sat for her portrait to be taken, and she became famous as 'Miss Liberty'.  On one side of Lady Liberty's neck, Morgan's monogram can be seen. etched into the coin On the tail side of the coin is the likeness of an eagle which is holding olive branches and arrows in its feet. Olive branches are a symbol of peace, arrows a symbol of war, and both symbols combined depict a new age (at the time).  The term buzzard dollar was put to the coin because many people thought the eagle looked more like a vulture.  There was much controversy about this when the coin was first released.

When the coins were first minted only about 1/2 million of them were released to the public.  The balance of all the minted coins were held in the U.S. Treasury and not immediately released.  During the silver shortage of 1904 about 200 million of the coins were melted to make silver bars.  This practice lifted the rarity of the Morgan silver dollar.  The coin was very popular and was used around the world not just in the U.S.
Value of Morgan dollars centers around the mint locations as well as the quality of the coin itself.  No mint mark means the coin was minted in Philadelphia otherwise a "D" or an "O".  Coins minted in Nevada are the scarcest.  12,000 dollars were said to be minted but only 800 coins were recorded as being actually minted.  What do you think happend to the rest?  Were only 800 actually minted?  The Morgan silver dollar.

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