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Look here in the links and side bars for a good coin price guide.  A good coin guide is key to those wanting to learn relative values amongst currencies as well as specific values in coin types, dates, and precious metal contents.  Use the search field below for a highly customized and powerful search to help you locate the best coin guide for your needs.

When searching on the site use a keyword that describes the item you are looking to get new or old coin price guidance on.  For example; “Morgan dollar coin price guide”, or “Buffalo nickel price guide”, and “old coin price guide”.

Every collector should have a well written coin price guide by a respectable author/collector or curator of a collecting institution.  There are coin pricing guides covering all types of collecting.  If you specialize or tend to have a favorite collectible type (Morgan Silver Dollars for example) then look for a specialist coin price guide in the search box above covering the type of coins you collect most like silver dollars, dimes, etc.

Sometimes you can find a really good old coin price guide that is old, full of information, but out of date.  These coin price guides can be very useful for doing research and for learning about collecting and valuations but will have little value helping you determine current values of your coins.
A great coin price guide can easily be found in print and typical reviews of the works are easy to find.  However it is much more likely that you will find most current data on the specific coins you are researching by looking up any specific coin price on the web.  As I mentioned above, be cautious about using an old coin price guide.  Coin price guides should be copy written with a relatively recent date.


June 26, 2012   Posted in: Value of old coins

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