Buffalo nickel


The buffalo nickel is a favorite and adds much to the value of old coins in a collection.  The buffalo nickel is considered to be a work of art with its high-relief images is a favorite of coin collectors of all ages.  Minted and circulated in the first half of the 1900's, this coin adds distinctiveness to any portfolio and will add to the value of old coins in your collection.

The famous and well known artist James Fraser created the designs for the new coin. For the front, Fraser sketched a rugged, dignified Indian "head" based on three real Indian sitting models; Iron Tail, Two Moons and Chief John Big Tree. For the "tail" side, Fraser used a real model, namely, the American Bison Black Diamond. Both the head side and the tail side designs take up the entire coin, giving the buffalo nickel its classic look.

The nickel ran into a commercial roadblock which initially delayed it's minting.  The Hobbs Company, a manufacturer of coin-operated vending machines wanted to make sure the new nickel worked with its existing machines.

Buffalo nickels wear well physically due to the high relief of the artwork.  parts of the coin that take the most wear are the mint marks or the letter designations that indicate where the buffalo nickel was minted.  Otherwise, it is still relatively easy to find nickles in Very Good and Good condition in everyday pocket change.  Go find that prized buffalo nickel and add it to the value of old coins in your collection.


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